wildlife refuge

Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge

Thick, dense fog engulfed the road, bright running lights stared back at me, like two blazing red eyes. Hunters in their large trucks loaded with gear, zoom past then disappear into the distance, as they race to hunting grounds somewhere along the Texas coast.

Highway 288 south to Lake Jackson then through Freeport is the way most people get to the coastal marsh lands from Houston, I’m always glad when I arrive at the the Angleton exit (Business 288), especially on foggy nights like this, then I take Hwy 523 to Hwy 227 left to the refuge entrance, it’s not only quicker but safer as well. See Map

I was surprised to see the gate was already open when I got there, the sign says “Gate open at sunrise, close at sunset”, so you never really know what time you can get in or should get out, unlike Anahuac NWR where the gate is always open. I drove down the 2 mile gravel road (in the winter you can usually see several red-tail hawks sitting on the fence posts that line the road) and signed in at the ranger station, after signing in I headed straight for the ponds.

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