Travel Photography Tips

Travel photography is very different from normal photography. You will often be asked to move to a different place with different weather. Therefore you need to think about your equipment condition in advance.

Lighting is extremely important for every photographer, this is the single biggest factor when you are on location. I have used professional photography studios where the lighting conditions are controlled well. That can be quite expensive and quite impractical to maintain. However you can use lights on location and you have to make sure that you are using the correct equipment.

There are no shortcuts to having a good lens. You want a really good lens that will do well on the wide-angle to the short telephoto lenses. If you are on a tight budget you can use the cheaper lenses and they will still do a good job but they may not be the best lens that you could buy.

When it comes to storage and carrying the camera I recommend using padded bags. They help you carry the camera without any strain. Just be careful with the case.

I always feel that it is easier to shoot a lot of pictures with a large format camera as opposed to a compact camera. You will not be using a zoom on a large format camera, so you need to be able to take some really good pictures. It is important to be able to control the aperture and that means you need a good shutter speed.

When you go to a location with a friend, you need to have a good idea of how you will shoot and what settings to use. I like to use a tripod but sometimes you may need to get away from it. I often use the sun as my main light source.

If you are on a remote location, you will need to be able to follow a trail and take photographs quickly. Sometimes the trail may be too long to take photographs from so you will need to walk or jog along with the trail. You will also need to check out whether the ground is level or if there is any slope.

Taking lots of images and then cropping them into different angles is essential. The camera will do it automatically, it is what it does naturally and it is one of the main features of the camera. So it will probably not matter to you how you do it, just remember to take lots of pictures and crop the pictures.

Another way to get a great image is to use the sun as your main light source and then gradually move to other lights. Just be sure that the lighting is not overbearing. If you have used a tripod for traveling photography then be sure to check it to make sure that it is level.

If you are taking photographs with an old camera, it may be worth getting an extra battery or two’s batteries. If you are trying to get a wide angle, you may need to take pictures from high above the subject. If you are using a long telephoto lens then you will need to take pictures from a distance.

A good range of accessories is essential to give yourself the best chance of getting the pictures you want. You need to have the equipment and accessories you need to get a good photo. That will mean having the right flash lights, a tripod, batteries and other equipment.

It is always a good idea to have a back up camera that you can use in case of any problems. You will need to be prepared if you are going to be traveling and also in case you are using different types of equipment. But make sure that you have a nice sturdy backpack to pack your equipment in.

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